Finn Graphics Inc.

30 years of experience in the sign and graphics industries

We are a full service sign and graphics company shipping internationally from offices in Floyd, VA and Colorado Springs, CO.  For 30 years, Finn Graphics has been meeting the needs of clients by providing unparalleled service and quality.  We manufacture graphic overlays, decals, signs, banners, vehicle graphics, museum and trade show displays, and specialty graphics of all kinds.  We are also a Certified Distributor for Expand Media, maker of the worlds finest banner and trade show displays.


Graphic Overlays

We specialize in graphic overlays serving design, engineering, and manufacturing clients around the globe. From prototype to short, and full production capacity, we can provide you the graphics you need for your business. Whether it is getting a product ready for a trade show, marketing event, customer presentation or meeting production needs – we will walk with you through the process.  We can create graphics from your engineering drawings, or ship us a part, and we will design an overlay to fit a specific product to communicate your message effectively.



From paper labels to large format vinyl decals, we can design and manufacture a decal to fit your needs and application.  From one-off prototypes to full production runs, we have the equipment to produce your decals in a cost effective, and timely manner. We offer a wide variety of substrates to choose from. Most of our decals are printed on 3M substrates with a varied and diverse offering–from temporary products to vinyl that is warranted for 5-7 years with exterior exposure.  Whatever your project, we can help you specify and select a material that will best suit your needs.


Your sign is often the first contact you and your business have with prospective clients. Make a good first impression with a sign that is clean, simple and effective. We will assist you in designing and manufacturing a sign that meets your needs and fits your budget. We work with a variety of materials – wood, metal, glass and composites (a plastic/metal bonded surface). We also manufacture a variety of temporary signage–from banners to corrugated plastic campaign/event signs. Whatever your sign needs, we are available to assist you from concept to completion.


Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are one of the most cost effective means of advertising your business. Whether your vehicle is on the road, parked at your facility, or parked at a clients facility, take advantage of this opportunity to represent your business in a professional way.  We use 3M High Performance vinyls that are fuel resistant and warranted for 2-7 years depending on the product you choose.  We have experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing decals on a variety of vehicles–from fleet cars and trucks to tractor trailers.